Welcome to the Dreamers Odyssey VE Wall!

Our VE Wall is where you can find Vote Exchange buttons of Dreamers Odyssey members who
are interested in contacting other members with whom they would like to Vote Exchange with.
This is also a wonderful way to make online friendships and help new fighters that need gain Vote
Exchange friends!


Request, Submit or Update Your VE or NVE Button!
(Be sure to include the url to your site and what team you are on)

please click here! (For members of Dreamers Odyssey only!)

Questions or Comments?

please click here! (Do not change the subject line!)


Involvement in web competitions is about making friendships and gaining website exposure. Here at DO, we believe making friendships is paramount!

Spamming, which is the sending of email to anyone this does not wish to receive emails from you, is not allowed. If you send out VE reminders to people (or groups) who have not agreed to VE with you, this is also Spamming.

Flaming is an intentional remark made directly, by cutting & pasting, or by quoting a comment that; offends, hurts, angers, provokes, insults, or otherwise disrupts the friendly nature of , in this case, website competitions. To "flame" means to communicate a specific criticism or opinion of another without any consideration to being tactful. Flaming is basically an all out, aggressive reprimand of an unacceptable behavior of another. This is also not allowed!

If any Dreamers Odyssey member is reported as being involved in Spamming or Flaming other people for getting votes, your site will be REMOVED & BANNED from competition here at DO and NO WARNING will be given.

1. This board is strictly for current Dreamers Odyssey members only!

2. Blind voting is discouraged. Please don't just email a fighter... please take the time
to visit their websites listed on our Wall first before contacting them!

3. If you promise to exchange votes with someone, be honest and make sure you DO vote for them.
In making vote agreements with other people, you must take responsibility.

4. When someone asks to be removed, make sure to do so right away, or your reminders become a form of spamming.

5. Most importantly, have fun! Good luck to all of you!

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* Created September 11, 2010 *

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