Review your dream tokens and pick up your Cheer awards here. The fighter who has the most spirit at the end of the week will get a special award for being the Dream Pets' Team Topping Spirit winner!

Winner(s) for week of March 16, 2020

~* Congratulations! *~
Shannon's Pets

Here is how your tokens are earned:

 A  5 Tokens daily
(If self-voted all week, 10 tokens bonus)
 B  5 Tokens daily
(If team voted all week, 10 tokens bonus)
Team Vote
 C  5 Tokens daily
(If Cheered all week, 10 tokens bonus)
 D  15 Weekly Tokens Respond to Newsletter
 E  25 Signup Tokens / 5 Tokens each weekly update Pet Spirit Page
 F  50 Tokens Upon Joining Team
 G  10 Weekly Tokens/100 Tokens to Start One Personal Guestbook
 H  25 Signup / 5 Weekly Tokens Team Member Bio Page
 I  20 Tokens Graphic Donations (2 per month)
 J  5 Weekly Tokens DO Topsite
 K  25 Signup Tokens Joining DO Forum
 L  20 Tokens Extra Weekly Tokens
 M  50,100,200,300,500 Tokens 1st,2nd,3rd Week/Pet Empire - Advance/Win BOS
 N  ??? Tokens Played FunZone Games
 O  ??? Tokens Played FunZone Contests
 P  100 Tokens Most Spirited Tokens Winner
 Q  25 Tokens
Once a Year on Fighters' Birthdays
 R  25 Tokens Join/5 Weekly DO VE Wall Member
 S  15 Tokens Join/5 Weekly DO Facebook Member


Your Tokens in the Vault!

Week of March 16, 2020

Site Name Letters Tokens This Week Spent Total
Shannon's Pets A,B,C,D,G,M,N,P,S 15,15,25,15,10,100,375,100,5 660 ~**~ 5040
Linda's Pets A,B,C,D,E,S 15,15,25,15,5,5 80
~**~ 3975
Wendy's Pets B,C,D 15,15,25 55 ~**~ 2930
Jampa A,B,C,D 15,15,25,15 70
~**~ 1410
Peek-a-Boo B,C,D,E,S 15,15,25,5,5 65
~**~ 2915
Vaquita A,B,C,D,G 15,15,25,15,10 80
~**~ 1935

Team Leader (TL): Lady Roselia

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