You are only allowed to enter up to 4 pets. Each pet
needs a 125x125 picture. Please refrain from having
multiple pets in one photo. Include the photo(s) url in the
provided field or comments area within the join form. If the
photo(s) are not online you may e-mail it/them to
Lady Roselia.

You must self-vote 3 days during the 4-day vote week
to be eligible for advancement. If you have the highest
score but only voted 1 or 2 days you will not move up.

You are allowed to submit your Dream Pets
vote link to vote exchange (ve) boards and reminder

Only two votes per IP address are allowed. An IP address
is a unique address that identifies your computer
throughout the world wide web. You don't need to know
the number. This is just an easier way for us to
prevent ballot stuffing.

No Ballot Stuffing! Ballot stuffing is done when a voter
or their friend(s) votes with multiple e-mail addresses.
We do not allow this so those excess votes will be deleted.
The way we determine this is by looking at the IP, which
you just read about. :)

Remember to vote during the actual voting hours as
any votes that come in before voting starts or after
voting has finished will not be counted.

Any questions? Never hesitate to ask!

Team Leader (TL): Lady Roselia

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