All Pets will start at the Adoption Center level.
The Top 5 winners will advance to Pet Lovers.
Remaining pets will stay at the Adoption Center.

The Top 3 winners of the Pet Lovers level will
advance to the Pet Empire. Remaining pets
will return to the Adoption Center.

The Pet Empire is our final team level. Only
one pet can win at this level. The rest will return
to the Adoption Center. The goal here is to win
three times in a row. Once a pet wins 3 times that
pet will be considered "retired" until the end of
the year competition known as "Best of Show"
where they will compete against other pets that
have won Pet Empire 3 times in a row!
Good luck!!

Week of: January 7, 2019

Adoption Center

Kwangtsjau (LOA)
Suzette (LOA)
Poes (LOA)
Pepperoni (MLOA)
Chad (MLOA)

Pet Lovers


Pet Empire

Shiloh (2nd week win)
Jampa (1st week win)
Big Bird



Team Leader (TL): Lady Roselia


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