Greetings, I'm Lady Banshee,
Nice of you to come check me out, Life is ever changing so I'll tell you what I can right now.
I started in the comps gosh maybe 20 years ago in the Golden Elite, Heart n Soul, Mystical Meadows
and Dreamers Odyssey, I took a very long break, now I am happy to say I joined Dreamers Odyssey's
staff as we open our doors again.

I live in Florida, U.S.A., close to Cocoa Beach and the Space Center, we moved here in 1958 around the
time our space program started in the U.S..I love it here, I even love the heat and the humidity. Crazy ! ? ?
Yes I am :)
I came here from New Jersey, I lived across the river from New York City. I did enjoy the seasons
it was lots of fun to ice skate, play in the snow all that stuff, so glad I got to experience it.
Now of course I love to play on my computer, enjoying graphic art and some 3D too.
I still sew and crochet, but now I do it for my grand daughter's dolls, in doing so I had to have models,
dolls of my own, yes I love toys, just could not help myself I found a couple of dolls I had to have
now I have three and there's still a couple more I would love to have. Growing up is not in my future ;)
Love love love playing with acrylic clay too. I could go on about hobbys but I won't now.
I am very spiritual and love nature. I am practicing Reiki. My master teacher told me I would be
healing with my art and the healing Reiki energy. I am so blessed to be able to do long distance healing
using art as a focus, works great I love it and lots of room to grow.
I'm into health, natural health, started that quest when my youngest was born he's in his 40's now. Health
awareness has progressed, so nice to see how much good stuff is available these days, that's happy.
Love to read, mostly fantasy adventure, Love steampunk, goth, and beautiful dark stuff and
things that go bump in the night.
on that note I'll stop here I hope you join me @ Mystic Manor