What's your Fighting name (and real name if you want to include)?

Where are you from (State or Country)?

What is your birthday (optional)?
August 22, 1979

Tell us a little about you, i.e., family, job, friends.
I'm the oldest of three and I currently work part-time for a small business. I'm also the proud aunt of an adorable little girl named Riley!

What do you like to do in your free time, i.e., hobbies?
I love reading, writing, designing web pages (I am self-taught, I started in 1997), and I also speak three languages. The sports I enjoy watching are hockey, baseball and road cycling. Additionally, I have been fascinated by Japanese culture ever since I can remember.

What is the name of your website and URL?
Golden Dream

What is it that inspired you to do your webpage?
Curling is a popular sport in my country, and the focus of my site is on the team that won Canada's very first Olympic gold medal at the 2006 Winter Games in Italy. I've been a fan of the team ever since..

What is your favourite Food, Beverage and/or Dessert?
Favorite Food: My favorite food is sushi, my favorite beverage is tea, and my favorite dessert is cheesecake

What is/are your favourite colour(s)?
Purple, blue and pink

What is your favourite Quote or Saying?
"If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to make it happen" - Chris Froome

What music do you enjoy playing or listening to?
I absolutely love 80s music, as it was the music that I grew up with. I also enjoy songs from musicals and recently music from the Eurovision Song Contest

Name your favourite Movie or TV character and why.
It would have to be Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon specials. He's been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl

If you could be any kind of mystickal creature, who or what would it be and why?
Probably a fairy, because I can fly all over the world and spread magic and happiness to people who need it

Do you belong to any other website competitions?
right now I'm part of Dreams Come True. Here at Dreamers Odyssey, I have another site competing on the Mystic Moonlight team, and I'm also the TL of Dream Pets - you may know me as Lady Roselia!

Do you enjoy Vote Exchanging?
Of course, my mailbox is always open!

If so, would you like others on the Team to contact you?
Please do. email: goldendream06 at gmail.com