Samsworld53, Salvatore Trentacoste ( AKA Sam )

Where Are You From?
Bergen County, New Jersey

Birth Date
Sept 16th

What is the name of your website and URL?
Samsworld of Intrigue

What inspired you to create your website?
I am an avid Lighthouse nut

Tell us a little about you, i.e., family, job, friends.
I was born in 1953 in Passaic New Jersey and lived in Garfield to really great parents. They had worked hard to take care of myself and three sisters and one brother. I am the oldest. I went to Garfield high school and after graduation went to school for heating and ac.

I was married to the love of my life and had three children, then in 1994 I lost her to breast cancer. I am remarried to my lovely wife Anita and on my site has the story of how we met.

Called about us.. my first experience with lighthouses was in Maine as a child. My aunt lived in York harbor. The nubble light is also on my web site under my Maine vacation.

I Work at PSEG in New Jersey for almost 29 years as a system operator in Gas Dispatch. I have a friend Donna. We have been friends for almost 44 years. And two really good friends, Maryann and John; we also have been friends since high school, lost touch and reconnected a few years ago and spent 4 hours on the phone like we never missed a beat.

I have a picture of Battery Potter on my we site that I took and it was purchased by Time Magazine Creative services. That picture was then published in time Magazine in October 14, 2002. So that makes me a professional photographer. The picture can be seen on my web under Fort Hancock.

I worked for MDA and answered the phones on Channel 9 for 7 years. Met plenty os stars and great people. I also was a tour Guide at the Sandy Hook Lighthouse for 12 years and I am still a member of the NJ Lighthouse Society just not an active member

What is your favorite food?
Spaghetti and Meatballs

What is/are your favorite color(s)?
Blue -- Red

What is your favorite quote or saying?
Don't sweat the small stuff

What music do you enjoy listening to or playing?
Pink Floyd And heavy Metal

Name your favourite Movie or TV character and why.
Star Trek. Have been a fan since the early days. I have every episode since the 1964 pilot. To the new movie remakes and everything star trek in-between. That included the 77 original episodes, Star Trek the next generation, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager ( Jerry Ryan as 7 of 9), Star Trek Enterprise, all the movies including the two remakes Star Trek and Star Trek into the darkness. As for my favorite Character, everyone associated with Star Trek.

If you could be any kind of mystickal creature, who or what would it be and why?
Robin Hood. Because like Robin Hood I like to help people that are less fortunate.

Do you belong to any other website competitions?
Salem's web, Fairy Musings, Dreams Come True, Mischievous Elves, Merlins Castle, Merlin's Castle Yuletide Memories and A Simple Competition.

Do you enjoy Vote Exchanging?
If so, would you like others on the Team to contact you?