The Ship

Cruising with Mystic Manor Team

The Ship

Summer Cruise

Bad to the Bone

Galleon, full-rigged sailing ship that was built primarily for war, and which developed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The name derived from , galley
which had come to be synonymous with war vessel and whose characteristic beaked prow the new ship retained. A high, square forecastle rose behind the bow,
the three or four masts carried both square and fore-and-aft sails, and one or two tiers of guns were carried broadside. The largest galleons were built
by the Spanish and the Portuguese for their profitable overseas trade; the famed Manila galleons of Spain made an annual trip between Acapulco, Mex.,
and the Philippines, carrying silver west and raw silk east, for more than 250 years..

This ship is The Galleon Neptune, climb aboard ! It looks perfect for Mystic Manor Residents !

The Season is over, you get to relax and rest,
after all, you already did your very best.
You might bring a light jacket or coat,
it's not time to worry about a single vote.
summer clothes and sandals for your feet,
these things are good for the hot tropical heat.
No more replying for points or posting the Cheers.
Have some fun,lets pretend to be buccaneers !

grab this map ! It's for your site !