Here is some helpful information for you to get you started!

Provided are several of the major guestbooks used by most members.
Before leaving a message, it's a good idea to take the time
to view the Guestbook first and and see how the webmaster
has formatted the book. For example, does it accept HTML?
Are images and amount of characters allowed?
If you find that there are no images or that the
HTML for images is not working,
then use the Plain Text Version of your Welcome or Invite!

ALSO, please make sure you use the
Dreamers Odyssey homepage URL when signing guestbooks--
NOT your personal webpage URL's. Thanks!

99% of the time accepts HTML and Images.

Spirit Book:
99% of the time accepts HTML & Images.

HTML Gear:
90% of the time accepts HTML and Images.

90% of the time accepts HTML and Images.

50/50 Chance of allowing HTML and/or Images.

99% of the time No HTML or Images allowed. There are also usually character limitations.

No Guestbook, Guestbook Full, or Technical Issues?:

This is when you send an Email. Emails are included in assignments for this purpose

To make things easy, keep a copy of the basic Messages on a
Notepad or any text document, and when you go to any kind of guestbook,
you can easily refer to the one you want to use!

You may add any other annotations to your Welcomes or Invites,
just as long as it contains the information in the Sample Messages.


These are the basic HTML Text Tags you should learn:

Creates Bold Text

Creates Italic Text

<font size=?></font>
Sets size of font, from 1 to 7
(7 Being Largest)

<a href="URL">Hyperlink</a>
Creates a hyperlink

Creates a new paragraph double spaced

Inserts a line break one spaced

<img src="image-url">
Adds an image





Birthday Greetings
Graphics & Text


Haven Welcome
Graphics & Text

Haven Recruit
Graphics & Text

Welcome Basics

Guestbook Help


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