My name is Lady Princess, and I am the Head Leader of this Group.
The purpose here is to make everyone feel special and appreciated
as a part of the Dreamers Odyssey Family.

Within this group, we have the following committees;
** Welcome ~ Needed ~
** Recruiting ~ Needed ~
** Guestbook Dusters ~ Needed ~
** Celebrations ~ Needed ~

Weekly, you will be given lists of websites
to visit and perform your duties.
The number of sites will depend on
the number needing our attention.
Any individual who is interested
in being on committee should be willing
to give a minimum of 2 hours a week
of their time. They also should have
basic knowledge of html;
must know how to attach a graphic in an email,
and place graphics in guestbooks.

If the Hospitality Haven sounds like
a Group you'd like to be a part of,
please sign up by filling out our "Help" application form.

To Sign Up for Hospitality Haven,
please click HERE

Once approved to be on our Committee,
you will be added to our
Hospitality Haven Yahoo Group.
If you have any questions before joining,
you may email me at Lady Princess
I hope to see you joining us.
Have a pleasant day or night.

Lady Princess



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