Day's End

When you're ridin', justa roamin',
when ev'nin's drawin' nigh,
and you're feelin' sorta tired
as miles go slippin' by,
you start lookin' for a camp site,
a place to spend the night.

It can be somewhat rewardin'
to be out on the range,
when you're ridin', just a roamin',
o're land that seems so strange
and when you find that place to rest
as Mother Nature's guest.

The long day's ride slips from the mind
and you prepare your camp
gloryin' in the settin' sun,
Ma Nature's day-time lamp,
then restin' as you settle down
so many miles from town.

Not that you like that city life,
it's better way out here
where prairie creatures rule the night
and there's not much to fear,
it's just another night too spend
as day comes to an end.

        Clark Crouch

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